Pascal Roussel

Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille, France


Pascal Roussel received his Ph.D. degree at the CRISMAT laboratory, Caen, France, under Director Professor Bernard Raveau. His Ph.D. dissertation title was "Crystal growth and structural studies of phosphate tungsten bronzes (PO2)4(WO3)2m and Ax(PO2)4(WO3)2m (A=Na, K, Pb) : modulations and charge density waves". He received the Research Habilitation degree at the Catalysis and Solid State Chemistry Laboratory, Lille, France, under Director Professor Francis Abraham, and his thesis title was "Modeling of order-disorder phenomenon in solids : Intake of X-ray and neutron diffraction". His research is focused on structural analysis of complicated structures by X-ray and/or neutrons diffraction, N dimensions crystallography (modulated structures), anharmonicity, phase transitions, twinned structures, pseudosymmetry, order-disorder in structures, and maximum entropy method (MEM). Roussel has 116 publications in international journals with referee (including 16 proceedings published in special issues of international journals), 17 proceedings without referee, 45 international conferences without proceedings, and 34 national communications without proceedings. He is responsible for the X-ray diffraction facilities at the IMMCL (Institute of the Molecule and of Condensed Matter of Lille), the institute regrouping 6 labs involved in this area. He is a Scientific Coordinator at the Research and Technology Office of the Nord-Pas de Calais region of the X-ray and Neutrons scientific association. Roussel is Member of the Specialist Commission in Solid State Chemistry in Lille and Valenciennes and the Scientific Council of the National School of Chemistry of Lille. He is Member and Vice President for chemistry of the French Crystallographic Association.

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