Andrea Barberis

The Italian Institute of Technology, Italy

Andrea Barberis graduated in Biology at the University of Genoa in 1996, studying the permeation of heavy metal ions in L-type calcium channels in cerebellar granule cells. From 1998 to 2002 he accomplished his PhD studies at the Department of Biophisics –SISSA International School for Advanced Studies- under the supervision of Enrico Cherubini studying the gating of recombinant and synaptic GABAA receptors. From 2002 to 2003 he collaborated with Enrico Cherubini (SISSA) and Jerzy Mozrzymas (University of Medicine, Poland) studying the variability of the synaptic quantal size in relation to the kinetics of the agonist release in the synaptic cleft. During his post-doc in the Stefano Vicini’s lab at Gergetown University (Washington DC, USA, 2003-2005) he studied the gating properties of different GABAA subtypes by analyzing their single channel behavior in equilibrium and non-equilibrium conditions. From 2005 to 2007 he had a CNRS post-doc positions in the Christophe Mulle’s lab studying the gating properties of kainate receptors. Currently, he has a team leader position at Italian Institute of Technology (IIT). His research aims to understand the pre- and post-synaptc factors involved in shaping the post-synaptic current. In Andrea Barberis’ group, standard electrophysiology is implemented with high temporal and spatial resolution UV laser uncaging, advanced imaging techniques, and optogenetic approaches exploiting light gated neurotrasmitter receptors. Andrea Barberis has solid background in neurophysiology and has keen interest in studying the behavior of ionotropic fast ligand gated receptor channels. He contributed optimizing ultra-fast perfusion systems and emphasizing the impact of non-equilibrium conditions activation of GABAA receptors in the GABAergic synaptic transmission.

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