Taicheng An

Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, China

Taicheng An was born in Gansu, China, in 1972. He received his B.S. degree in chemistry from Northwest Normal University in 1996, and his Ph.D. degree in environmental science and engineering from Zhongshan University, China. Now, Dr. Taicheng An is a Professor of environmental science and engineering in The State key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry, and Vice Director of Guangdong Key Laboratory of Environmental Resources Utilization and Protection, Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Science, China. He works as a Visiting Professor in Radiation Laboratory, University of Notre Dame, USA, in the area of physical chemistry and radiation chemistry with Professor Prashant V. Kamat, 2006-2007. Professor Taicheng An has been published more than 80 peer-received professional papers and is the holder of 6 patents and another 6 appilication patents in the subject areas of environmental engineering. He is also a member of editorial advisory boards for 6 international peer-reviewed journals. His research interests include various advanced oxidation processes (AOPs), especially heterogeneous photocatalysis, photoelectrocatalytic oxidation, electrochemical oxidation, and UV/H2O2 process, and so on, especial to characterized and identified the intermediate products formed during the photodegradation process; photoelectrocatalytic and biological reactor design, practical application and achievement in the wastewater and waste air treatment; Preparation, characterization, and application of novel environmental friendly nanostructured materials; and environmental analysis and toxicity assessment of persistent toxic chemical substances.

Biography Updated on 19 July 2007

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