Hana Sklenarova

Charles University, Czech Republic


Hana Sklenarova was born in Kolín, Czech Republic, in 1973. She received the Magister degree and the Ph.D. degree (and Doctor of Pharmacy degree) from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, in 1997 and 2001, respectively. Since 2001, H. Sklenarova is a member of Department of Analytical Chemistry of the mentioned faculty. In 1998, she went for a study stay to Graz University (Austria) and in 1999 to the University of Porto (Portugal). Presently, she is a Senior lecturer. She is mainly interested in automation in analytical chemistry based on application of flow methods – flow injection and sequential injection analysis. She uses the flow systems for analysis of wastewaters and pharmaceutical samples. Detection techniques that are important in her work are sprectrophotometry, fluorescence, chemiluminesce and potentiometry. She studied chemiluminescence systems in the SIA with special batch-flow cell. She has automated long-term processes namely on-line sampling from dissolution (tablet formulations) and liberation (gel and ointment formulations) tests that monitor drug release from the pharmaceutical formulation matrix. She with her colleagues has constructed Double-Valve SIA system for automation of liquid-liquid extraction procedures for on-line sample pretreatment. She is a member of group inventing sequential injection chromatography. She was a member of organizing committee of the following conferences: 10th International Conference on Flow Injection Analysis in Prague (1999, Prague, Czech Republic), Sequential Injection Analysis 2008 (2008, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic), 14th International Symposium on Luminescence Spectrometry (2010, Prague, Czech Republic).

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