Paola Scocco

Università degli Studi di Camerino, Italy

Paola Scocco was born on July 4, 1962. In November 1986 she graduated magna cum laude in biological sciences from Camerino University. She is an Associate Professor in the anatomy of domestic animals. She is a Member of the Italian Society of Veterinary Sciences, the Italian Association of Veterinary Morphologists, and the Italian Association for Laboratory Animal Science. She develops her activity of search in the School of Environmental Sciences, Camerino University. Biochemical, histochemical, histophotometrical, and immunohistochemical methodologies were employed for the study of glycoconjugate macromolecules of endogenous lectins and of neuropeptides in the alimentary canal of fishes, birds, and mammals and in the oviduct of rodents and lagomorphs. In particular, the searches were focused on the use of lectins for glycoconjugate characterization by means of terminal and internal sugar detection, glucidic chain sequence determination, and characterization of sialic acid residues based on their acceptor sugars, kind of linkage, and sialic acid acetylation degree; as applied field concerns, the employed glycohistochemical methodologies allowed for the in situ localization of influenza virus receptors and for the histogenesis of enzootic nasal tumours by means of their glycohistochemical profiles compared to those of normal tissues. Professor Scocco collaborated, as the anatomical competences regard, to the multidisciplinary analysis of the natural ecosystems, with particular reference to the relationships among herbivorous (domestic and wild) and plant community, and finalized biodiversity preservation, animal welfare safeguard, and farm economy implementation by means of best practices in the ecosystem management. Scientific activity is documented by over 110 publications represented by national and international congress communications, monographs, and research articles.

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