Sergiy Sukhanov

University of Missouri-Columbia, Department of Medicine, Columbia, USA


Sergiy Sukhanov is currently a Research Assistant Professor of medicine and physiology, Tulane University Heart and Vascular Institute, Tulane University Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, LA, USA. Sukhanov received his M.S. degree from TG Shevchenko Kiev State University, Kiev, Ukraine, in 1990, and Ph.D. degree from Zabolotny Microbiology Institute, Kiev, Ukraine, in 1996. Sukhanov's areas of interests include mechanism of atherosclerosis, growth factors, angiotensin II, oxidized lipids, lipid metabolism, energy production, lipoxygenases, oxidative stress, apoptosis, macrophages and inflammation, and cachexia (muscle atrophy). His research is focused on the study of mechanism of insulin-like growth factor I-(IGF-1-) promoted antiatherosclerotic effects; IGF-1 and prevention of skeletal muscle atrophy; role of 12 ̸ 15-lipoxygenase in IGF-1-induced effects; cytoprotective effects of GAPDH.

Biography Updated on 8 July 2013

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