Kihong Park

Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea


Education 1999-2003 University of Minnesota (PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Adviser: Peter H. McMurry) 1997-1999 Seoul National University (MS, Mechanical Engineering) 1995-1997 Seoul National University (BS, Mechanical Engineering) 1989-1995 Seoul National University (BS, Biosystems Science Engineering) Work Experience 2009-present Associate Professor (School of Environmental Science and Engineering, GIST, Korea) 2010-2011 Visiting Professor (Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota, USA) 2005- 2009 Assistant Professor (Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, GIST, Korea) 2006- present Adjunct Faculty (Division of Atmospheric Science, DRI, USA) 2009- present Vice director (International Environmental Research Center, UN university and GIST joint program) 2007- 2008 Assistant director (International Environmental Research Center, GIST) 2004- 2005 Assistant Research Professor and Graduate Faculty (DAS, DRI, USA) 2003- 2004 Research Associate (Center for Nanoenergetic Research, Univ. of Maryland, USA) 2003- 2004 Guest researcher (Nanoparticle Lab, NIST, USA) 1999- 2003 Research Assistant (Particle Tech. Lab, University of Minnesota, USA) Research Interests Hygroscopicity, CCN activity, and volatility of atmospheric ultrafine/nanoparticles and Asian Dust particles. Ultrafine particle events/nucleation study in the ambient atmosphere Real-time characterization of insoluble particles and dissolved solids in seawater using aerosolization method Development of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy and Aerosol Mass Spectrometry techniques for real time characterization of atmospheric aerosols Awards or Honors National Leading Research Lab (NLRL) supported by National Research Foundation of Korean (2011-2016)

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